Homegrown Goodness

Homegrown Goodness

Step into the Farmer’s Market on a Wednesday or Saturday morning, where the market comes alive with a vibrant array of vendors. Indulge in the seasonal goodness as you browse through the vibrant stalls, engaging in friendly conversations with the passionate farmers and artisans who pour their hearts and souls into their products. From freshly harvested fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses and mouth-watering meats. It’s a hub of tradition, community, craftsmanship, and passion, showcasing the region’s finest offerings. From fisheries to butcheries, beekeeping to specialty delis, it ensures a vibrant and thriving market experience.


The fun doesn’t stop there! As the sun sets over Lake Huron, discover the Bright’s Grove Summer Market - a hidden gem nestled along the shores of Lake Huron. From4-8 pm on Wednesdays, the market buzzes with laughter, delightful aromas, and local vendors offering a variety of treats. From Taproots Green Gardens’ fresh greens to Smyth Candle Co.’s handcrafted candles and Chark Sauce & Spice Co.’s sauces, this unforgettable shopping experience celebrates the finest local harvests and artisanal creations in the heart of a Sarnia neighbourhood. A must-visit for locals and visitors, where the community revels in homegrown goodness and the talent of skilled artisans.


Savor the diverse dining options in Sarnia as you immerse yourself in the essence of our homegrown goodness, where an abundance of artisanal treasures and culinary delights await. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a supporter of local businesses, or simply seeking a unique experience, Sarnia offers unparalleled Homegrown Goodness.


Explore vibrant farm stands, bustling markets, or charming local shops – Sarnia is The Place You Want To Shop for authentic flavors and one-of-a-kind discoveries, celebrating the bounty of local harvests.

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